About Us

One Less Hero is an American Indie pop studio project by singer-songwriter Paul M. Kelly formed in the Boston, Massachusetts area. Influences include Rock, Pop, and Americana prove that One Less Hero is not afraid to attack all genres with a strong link of melodies, catchy licks with a new edge styling and memorable lyrics. Kelly writes and produces all of their original musical compositions. He has selected and banded with some of the finest musicians from the Boston area to bring these visions to life.

The single “Boston (is beautiful)” along with many others with be included on their anticipated debut “I Can Feel Your Heartbeat” CD due by Summer 2016. Produced by Paul M. Kelly at Fireworks Studios, Engineered by Patrick Ahern and Mastered by Danny Gold.

We particularly remember those everyday heroes in the face of unthinkable tragedies at the Boston Marathon Bombings, Je Suis Charlie, Sandy Hook, the Tornadoes in Oklahoma and more everyday (unfortunately).


A Hero is someone that changes the course of life of those around them in a positive and meaningful way.

One Less Hero is named in honor of those heroes that have fallen before us. Legend has it that every time you see a shooting star in the sky it represents a hero that is lost.

Heroes fall:
Whether it’s for those who flew too close to the sun (like Icarus) and have fallen back to earth.
Whether it’s those who have been taken from us standing for a noble cause
Whether it’s those who have fallen from grace from the mighty swords or pens of others.

Everyday we seem to have one less hero in the world. Where will your next hero arise from to help guide us and inspire us in the world in our world, our town or our home.

It could be your Father, Mother, Friend, Teacher, Preacher, Son, Daughter…

Could it, Should it or Will it be You?
Why Not?